Dietetic Internship at Southern Regional

The following relates to the curriculum of the Dietetic Internship Program:

  • 42 weeks beginning in mid August and ending late May to early June
  • Over 1200 hours of supervised practice with a medical nutrition therapy concentration
  • Approximately 200 hours of didactic classes. Southern Regional Medical Center shares speakers for classes with the Emory and Georgia State University internships.
  • Vacations include: 1 week at Thanksgiving, 2 weeks at Christmas/New Year’s, and 4 personal days throughout the year

Rotations include:

  • Clinical (17 weeks)
    Our internship has a medical nutrition therapy emphasis as we are hospital-based. The majority of the clinical experience is gained within our facility, although some clinical rotations may be at other Atlanta hospitals and long term care facilities. Southern Regional does offer some unique experiences, such as two large critical care units, the Women's Life Center and NICU, inpatient rehabilitation, chest pain and stroke centers, and a new Bariatric Center.
  • Food Service Management (5 weeks)
    The food service portion of the internship is completed within our facility as well. The food service rotation is module-based and the first two weeks are spent completing modules by working with and observing various aspects of food service in a hospital setting. This is a group food service rotation. The next three weeks are spent in the production and retail areas, patient tray services, and with the department managers.
  • Diabetes (3 weeks)
    Since diabetes is such a major health concern, we devote three weeks to this area of nutrition. Interns work with our Diabetes Nurse Educators and Outpatient Dietitian to teach many aspects of diabetes management and outpatient nutrition counseling.
  • Community / Wellness (5 weeks)
    The community rotations are very diverse as students work in public health/WIC and school wellness/nutrition.
  • Emphasis (4-6 weeks)
    Interns have an option of completing a six-week emphasis in areas of their choice. Interns have the opportunity to work with dietitians in various areas of nutrition. Some have chosen to work in specialty areas such as writing for nutrition web sites, nutrition support, geriatrics, eating disorders, diabetes, long term care, dialysis, alternative medicine, cardiac rehab, private practice, pediatrics, and many others. The options are endless if you use your creativity!
  • Skills Development (2 weeks)
    These are orientation/skills development classes done with Georgia State University and Emory University Hospital interns to prepare you for rotations.