Fees & Financial Info

Fees and Financial Information

Dietetic Internship at Southern Regional Medical Center

The Southern Regional Medical Center (SRMC) Dietetic Internship Program provides baccalaureate or master's prepared students practical experience and the opportunity to complete registration requirements for the RD examination.

Estimated expenses are listed below:



Average Rent in Metro Atlanta area

$500 - $800

Health Insurance and Liability Insurance

$100 - $300


$100 - $200

Lab coat

$20 - $35


$150 - $200

AND Student Membership


GADA Student Membership (Atlanta areas)


There is no charge for parking at SRMC. However, parking fees may be $5 to $10 per day at Emory University and Georgia State University on Monday’s classes. Interns must provide their own transportation to facilities for different rotations.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Since SRMC is not affiliated with a university, financial aid cannot be offered. However, financing available through Meritize. Visit www.meritize.com or apply directly at www.apply.meritize.com and if you have outstanding student loans, we may be able to provide a letter to the lender in order to defer the loan while you are enrolled in the internship program.

We do suggest visiting http://www.eatright.org (click on the Students tab) or contacting the Georgia Dietetic Association at (770) 433-9044 or at gdaexec@bellsouth.net for scholarship information.

**Please note deadlines for these scholarships typically coincide with the matching dates in April.