Former Southern Regional CEO Jim Crissey honored by the Clayton County Chamber of Commerce with Lifetime Achievement Award


Jim Crissey, former CEO of Southern Regional Medical Center, was honored by the Clayton County Chamber of Commerce with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in healthcare. Mr. Crissey, who retired in January 2015, was honored, not only for his work at Southern Regional, but also the leadership and guidance he gave to the Clayton County Board of Health over many years, and his work on the Chamber's economic development strategic planning committee.

Prior to his retirement, Mr. Crissey said this of his time as CEO, “I have been honored to serve Southern Regional for the past 15 years. My number one goal has always been to help this hospital move forward with new programs, services and physicians,” Crissey added. “I have been blessed to work with our employees, physicians, board of directors, community and elected leaders and the citizens of Clayton County.”

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