Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Southern Regional's Heart & Vascular Care Center

Choose the Best Care for Your Heart

When it comes to saving your heart, every second counts. If you or a loved one is having a heart attack, it’s important to know that Southern Regional’s Heart & Vascular Care Center is close to home and able to provide life-saving care within minutes.

Southern Regional performs more heart and vascular procedures than any other hospital in the tri-county area. We are the only hospital in the Southern Crescent to offer angioplasty and round-the-clock cardiac catheterization.

Our center has been nationally recognized for exceeding standards and providing the highest quality of care possible. No other hospital in the South Metro area can offer this superior level of quality.

With leading-edge technology and the finest doctors, Southern Regional’s Heart & Vascular Care Center provides comprehensive cardiac services, from advanced diagnostics to surgery and cardiac rehabilitation. And we’re proud that we have been providing high-quality heart and vascular care to the Southern Crescent for nearly 45 years.