Advanced Imaging at Spivey Station

The Women's Center at Spivey Station

State-of-the-art Care Close to Home

Spivey Station has two, new digital imaging centers. The Women's Center at Spivey Station provides screening and diagnostic treatment for breast care. The center specializes in mammograms, breast ultrasounds using computer-aided detection, bone density testing and stereotactic biopsies.

Just downstairs from the Women's Center, you will find Advanced Imaging, which provides general imaging diagnostics. It offers services such as CT scans using a 16-slice CT scanner, ultrasounds and X-rays.

Convenience and Care

Spivey Station offers the convenience of many services in a single facility-from doctors' offices to diagnostic imaging-to provide our patients with a fully integrated healthcare experience. This means you can go to your doctor's appointment and then simply walk down the hall for your mammogram.

We are an all-digital facility, which means that doctors get higher-quality images and patients get faster results. This digital imaging technology also gives doctors direct access to test results, so they can compare your results to past exams or consult with radiologists on site.

To learn more about Advanced Imaging at Spivey Station, please contact us at (678) 364-4444.