Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation at Southern Regional

Comprehensive Rehab Services

Southern Regional Specializes in outpatient rehabilitation. We offer the right combination of medical expertise and technology devlivered by a team of dedicated professionals in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

Our comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation program helps people who have lost functional ability due to an accident, injury, illness or surgery. We help restore a patient's independence by regaining their basic skills like getting dressed, bathing, eating, walking and more.

Our team of dedicated tehrapists provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy in an outpatient setting conveniently located on the first floor at Southern Regional Medical Center.

Why Choose Us?

Southern Regional is your best choice for rehab services in the Southern Crescent.

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The Rehab Team

Our team of Rehab Experts wants to help you get back to living.

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Is Outpatient Rehab Rights For You?

We offer a wide variety of therapies on an outpatient basis to help you get back to your normal life.

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