Amy Kemper

Clayton County Sheriff Deputy Rebounds After Serious Injuries Thanks to SRMC Rehab Center

“I don’t need the walker anymore” said Sergeant Amy Kemper triumphantly.

For two and a half months, Clayton County Sergeant Amy Kemper received care here at The Rehabilitation Center at Southern Regional for injuries she sustained in a head on collision with a drunk driver in Coweta County. Sgt. Kemper had to be airlifted, had multiple surgeries, and even coded several times, however she credits The Rehabilitation Center at Southern Regional with allowing her to make such an amazing recovery.

As the only hospital-based inpatient rehab program in south metro Atlanta, Southern Regional offers comprehensive and intensive rehabilitation services to our patients. When Sgt. Kemper arrived at Southern Regional, she was unable to move and had to be lifted on a sheet to be transferred from gurney to gurney. In the weeks to follow, she started making gradual movements. She attributes her stint in the armed forces as well as her current position in law enforcement with aiding her with this rigorous regimen. When asked to describe her rehab sessions Sgt. Kemper said, “It lasted three consecutive hours due to my preference and alternated between physical and occupational therapy. I had to do stretching, weightlifting, receive massages to my injured leg, and various exercises. It was pretty intense, but it worked in the end.” She also emphasizes the wonderful experiences she had with our staff. “The staff was very friendly and felt like family. They made me feel welcomed and went above and beyond for me,” said Sgt. Kemper, who further detailed she still keeps in contact with members of our staff.

Three months after her discharge, Sgt. Amy Kemper walked onto The Rehabilitation Center’s floor with the assistance of a cane, to donate her walker. She says, “I wanted to donate my walker because it literally helped me walk out of here; and I want to help someone less fortunate benefit from the same equipment that assisted me with my recovery”. Returning to her work at The Clayton County Sheriff’s Department, she still utilizes the tools she learned at The Rehabilitation Center at Southern Regional.