Melissa Louizos

Having the Right Partners Led One Woman on the Road to Recovery

When you have the right partner, the possibilities are endless. With a history of multiple sclerosis, Melissa Louizos believed her frequent numbness in her leg was a result of the debilitating illness. However, it was due to a herniated disk in her back. Doctors told her had she not received surgery, she would have been wheelchair bound within a year. A smooth transition to The Rehabilitation Center at Southern Regional proved to be what she needed to start the recovery process after her surgery for a spinal cord compression caused by the herniated disk.

After surgery, Melissa Louizos and her family began searching for a rehabilitation center that could assist with her recovery as well as one that understood the challenges she faced with her history of multiple sclerosis. She states, “Southern Regional’s rehabilitation program was highly recommended. After my husband spoke with the admissions coordinator, we instantly knew this was the right place for me.” Her physical and occupational therapy sessions varied from core strengthening and walking exercises to performing activities necessary for daily living. She also emphasizes the exceptional care she received from our staff. “I cannot say enough about how wonderful the staff treated me. They were very attentive and the treatment plan I was given really helped with my transition home” said Louizos, who further details that she always recommends The Rehabilitation Center to anyone seeking rehabilitation.

Today, Melissa Louizos is in our outpatient therapy program. Although she still has complications with her multiple sclerosis, she thanks everyone at The Rehabilitation Center for her progress. Having the right partner truly does make a difference.