Nilsa Scott

Nilsa Scott Recovers with The Rehabilitation Center at Southern Regional

As a business owner, mother, and wife, Nilsa Scott is a busy woman who excels at balancing her demanding lifestyle. She runs a successful day spa and cares for her nine year-old son and a husband-enjoying a very fulfilled life.

Photo: Nilsa Scott with Yvonne Ehrhart, physical therapist, at the Rehab Center's Fifth Anniversary Party in September, 2009

But in 2009, Scott was blindsided by a rare health issue and began a physical and emotional battle beyond anything she imagined. She began to lose feeling in her legs and her ability to walk became impaired. When the headaches, leg pain and heart palpitations became too much, Scott admitted herself to her local hospital.

She met with a neurologist and cardiologist who eventually diagnosed her with Guillain-Barre´ Syndrome-a rare disorder with no cure in which the body's immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system.

Scary Diagnosis for Scott

It was an overwhelming and scary diagnosis for the 52-year-old Griffin, Ga. resident. But she was also given some positive news from her doctors. There was a medical center less than an hour away that could provide therapy to improve her health-The Rehabilitation Center at Southern Regional Medical Center.

Therapy can lessen the severity of Guillain - Barre´ and even accelerate recovery, making The Rehabilitation Center a perfect fit. Since recovery periods can range from a few weeks to a few years, Scott knew she had to make a move soon if she wanted to regain her mobility and independence.

So, she checked into The Rehabilitation Center, a 20-bed inpatient unit specializing in intense therapy and nursing care at Southern Regional Medical Center. Upon her arrival, Scott was placed under the care of Dr. D. Terrence Foster, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, and the Center's medical director.

What transpired over the next eleven days was, as Scott explains it, "a miracle." According to Scott, the leader of this dream team was Dr. Foster. During her bouts of depression and uncertainty, Dr. Foster would sit and comfort Scott, even holding her hand to ease the pain.

Right Place at the Right Time

"I was definitely at the right place at the right time," she recalls. "I felt an immediate connection to Dr. Foster and his miracle workers."

The patience and compassion of the staff, coupled with their rigorous therapy plan, is why Scott is walking again. The specialized therapy, or "bootcamp" as Scott jokingly calls it, was a combination of physical, occupational and speech therapy.

In addition to three hours of daily therapy, patients benefit from the "independent living suite," which is set up with a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom to prepare patients for going home.

As for Scott's experience at Southern Regional, her outpouring of appreciation says it all.

"I feel truly touched to have ended up at Southern Regional with such wonderful staff and amazing people," she says. "The patience and kindness shown to me made me feel like an individual and not just another patient on paper."