William Bryan

Patient recovers from bilateral knee replacement surgery

“Grandpa, you have zippers on your knees,” William Bryan’s granddaughter said.

Bryan, who was recovering after a bilateral knee replacement surgery at the Rehabilitation Center at Southern Regional, smiled at his granddaughter as he recalled the moment he decided to get the surgery after 20 years of enduring pain.

“I wanted to get to the point where I was able to take care of myself again,” Bryan said. “I also wanted to get my golf score below 80 and be able to play a full 18 holes.”

Originally injuring his knee in a sandlot baseball game back in 1968, Bryan suffered through years of discomfort and pain and eventually noticed a gradual, yet distinct decline in his overall quality of life. After watching a close friend struggle through a similar surgery years before, he put off having the surgery feeling that his friend’s recovery was just too much.

His recovery today, however, has been far different from that his friend experienced decades ago. Bryan’s surgery took place at another Atlanta-based hospital but after speaking with a friend who underwent treatment at The Rehabilitation Center, he opted to complete his recovery at Southern Regional.

“I arrived on a Friday and I was up and walking by the following Tuesday,” Bryan, who completed at least three hours of therapy a day after his surgery, said.

In addition to completing intensive therapy during his stay at The Rehabilitation Center, Bryan received rehabilitation nursing care and daily visits from Dr. D. Terrence Foster, a specialist in rehabilitation medicine.

“Southern Regional was the obvious choice,” Bryan said. “My experience with this hospital has always been a pleasant one - from my friend who underwent rehab treatment here to my grandchildren that were born here.”

“The nurses who attended to me went above and beyond to assist me in moving about,” Bryan, who stands over six feet tall, said. “The fact that these nurses and the therapists helped me when I needed them most and were attentive to my every need made my stay an exemplary one.”