The Rehab Team

A Passion for Healing - Rehabilitation

It takes more than medical expertise and advanced technology to deliver the kind of care patients receive at The Rehabilitation Center. Every member of the Southern Regional team is dedicated to helping patients regain their independence and move forward.

Medical Director

  • Specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation, oversees the care of all inpatient rehabilitation patients.
  • Assisted by consulting physicians as needed.

Rehabilitation Services Director

  • Oversees the rehabilitation program and supervises the clinical care patients receive. (770) 991-8296.

Rehabilitation Nursing Staff

  • Specialized training in rehabilitation.
  • Nurses' station: (770) 897-7300.

Occupational Therapist

  • Focuses on strengthening and re-educating the muscles of the upper body, helping patients learn cognitive skills and perform activities necessary for daily living.

Physical Therapist

  • Concentrates on mobility and improving strength and endurance.
  • Enforces positioning, posture and body mechanics to help patients be as independent as possible.

Speech/Language Pathologist

  • Addresses communication, thinking, swallowing and hearing - skills that may affect other areas of rehabilitation.
  • Teaches patients new techniques to compensate for newly acquired deficits.

Case Manager

  • Coordinates care with rehabilitation team, insurance providers and caregivers involved in patient's discharge plan.
  • 770-897-7307.

Admissions Coordinator

  • Assists in the pre-admission screening and transition of patients coming to The Rehabilitation Center.
  • For Internal Referrals, Call Donine Jordan: 770-897-7311.