Sleep Study

Sleep Study

What to Expect at Southern Regional Sleep Diagnostic Centers

So, you're wondering what actually happens during a sleep study. For most people, it's as easy as falling asleep.

When you arrive at the sleep center closest to your home, you'll be shown to your private bedroom, with similar amenities to what you have at home. When you're ready to go to bed, a technician will place some small sensors on your head and chest.

Then, you just turn off the lights and doze off as you would on any other night. As you sleep, the technicians will record your heart rate, temperature and other vital information from a separate room. They'll also make notes regarding your sleep patterns, breathing, and brain and heart function.

Good Morning

When you wake in the morning, you just get up and go to work at your usual time. The sleep techs will send your study for interpretation by a physician who specializes in sleep medicine. Your regular doctor will then share the findings and recommendations with you.

If you then require treatment for sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome or another sleep disorder, your doctor will work with you, the sleep center and specialist physicians to find a solution that both fixes your sleep disorder and fits your lifestyle.

To learn more, or schedule a sleep study, call 1-800-876-0093.