Complex Spine

Complex Spine Surgery at Southern Regional

Specialty Surgical Care from Our Expert Complex Spine Surgeons

Southern Regional provides a full range of procedures that address and help relieve major spinal issues, such as scoliosis and dramatic curvatures of the spine.

When it comes to either minimally or maximally invasive spine surgery, Southern Regional is your best choice in metro Atlanta. Our surgical team has the expertise to treat the most common spinal surgery cases, all the way to maximally invasive cases requiring rods and screws.

This highly specialized unit has a team of experts, from physicians, nurses, and physical therapists, whose training and focus are on spinal surgery and recovery. In addition, our completely renovated, state-of-the-art patient rooms are designed specifically for complex surgery patients.

Personalized Care

As with every surgery at Southern Regional, each complex spine surgery patient is assigned a care coordinator who walks them through every step in the surgery process, from pre-assessment to post-operative care.

Prior to surgery, they educate each patient about what to expect of the upcoming procedure and arrange for any pre-surgery tests. They also provide support on the day of surgery and keep waiting family members informed of progress.

After surgery, care coordinators help facilitate communication with the physicians and assist with follow-up care.