Graduate Nursery

NICU Graduate Nursery

NICU Nursery Helps Infants and Parents Prepare to Go Home

The Graduate Nursery is designed to help you take care of your baby or preemie. It is important that you feel comfortable and can properly care for your baby before leaving the hospital.

Preemies sometimes have a long and difficult course while they grow and mature. Because preemies have special needs, there are special procedures that may need to be done before your baby can go home. These include:

  • Car Seat Testing (babies less than 37 weeks gestation)
  • Sleep study
  • Hearing Screen
  • Vaccines
  • Medication administration teaching (if applicable)
  • MDT(PKU)-Metabolic Disease Testing
  • Circumcision (if applicable)
  • Baby pictures

Caring for Your Preemie or New Baby

It is important that you become more involved in your baby's daily care. You will have a "report card" which lists all the tasks that you will need to learn and complete in order for your baby to go home. So, the Graduate Nursery staff will assist you to do the following:

  • Bring in the appropriate car seat (written instructions are available from the nursing staff)
  • Sign consent for circumcision (if applicable)
  • Sign consents for vaccines
  • CPR training
  • Home monitor training (if needed)
  • Home oxygen training (if needed)
  • Schedule follow up appointments as indicated
  • Bring in a "going home" outfit for pictures just prior to discharge day
  • Attend the Preemie Infant Care Class
  • Participate in your baby's care as often as possible
  • Check your mailbox and parent info board daily