Nursing Philosophy

Nursing Philosophy at Southern Regional

Philosophy of the Professional Nursing Organization

Excellence in nursing care occurs in an environment that supports professional nursing practice and promotes advocacy. The foundation for our professional nursing practice is based on the American Nurses Association (ANA) Scope and Standards for Nursing Administrators, the Georgia Board of Nursing and the ANA Standards of Clinical Nursing Practice.

Nurses support the profession of nursing through participation in community, governmental and professional organizations that impact health care and professional nursing practice. We recognize that excellence in nursing is theory-based. The care delivery model that guides our nursing practice is Abdellah's conceptual model of nursing.

Nursing uses its specialized knowledge of health, environment and education to assist patients in adapting to alterations in health status. Four critical elements support professional nursing practice. These elements include shared governance, continuing education, continuous quality improvement, and research.

Shared Governance

Shared Governance provides a framework for decision-making at the point of care. Decision-making at the unit level is key to professional autonomy and collaborative practice.

Collaborative practice with physicians and other health care professionals is viewed as essential in order to meet the complex needs of the patients.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education is highly valued as a method for promoting competent nursing practice. Nurses participate in programs at the unit and division level to maintain competency. Our professional nursing organization is in support of the ANA 2010 goal of increasing the number of BSN-prepared nurses.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Continuous Quality Improvement is crucial to ensuring a safe patient care environment. Quality indicators in regard to quality of care, patient outcomes and cost effectiveness are identified and monitored by nurses at the unit and division level.

Our professional nursing organization utilizes the National Database of Quality Nursing Indicators (NDQNI) program. Indicators are benchmarked to national quality data and are used to guide revision of policies, procedures and protocols to promote positive patient outcomes.

Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-Based Practice is essential to patients receiving state of the art care based on current nursing science. Nursing policies, procedures and protocols are evaluated based on standards of care and available research.

Nurses are encouraged to conduct evidence-based research and replication studies in order to evaluate patient outcomes. Nurses have the opportunity to share research findings with members of the patient care team.

Through our commitment to excellence in nursing care, we believe that all patients have a right to quality, safe and cost-effective nursing care. Our professional nursing organization enables Southern Regional Health System to serve as the leader in delivery of healthcare services to the residents in South Metro Atlanta.