Are you a Candidate?

Are You A Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?

Only you and your doctor can decide whether bariatric surgery is right for you. This is a life-changing decision requiring serious consideration and a thorough medical evaluation.

While looking attractive can be important to emotional health, carrying around extra weight can have detrimental impacts to physical health as well. Obesity has hidden costs too, including the extra costs of healthcare associated with obesity-related diseases. And there are societal implications. Looking healthy can have positive impacts on a persons’ social and professional success.

If you are thinking about weight loss surgery, here are some basic guidelines to help determine whether surgery is an option for you. It is important to know your BMI (body mass index). At the Southern Regional Center for Bariatrics & Healthy Weight, we can help you determine your BMI. In fact, to be considered for weight loss surgery:

  • You must have a BMI of 35 or greater.
  • If your BMI is between 35 and 40, you must also have one to two co-morbid conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure).
  • If your BMI is greater than 40, you do not need to have any co-morbid conditions.

These are general guidelines, so please also call (770) 897-7546 to learn more about how the Center for Bariatrics & Healthy Weight can accommodate your specific needs.