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How Sweet of You

Chocolate covered strawberries and thank you noteWhen Gail Sims arrived at Southern Regional, she had been having breathing issues due to health complications on top of arriving in an ortho walking boot for a fracture ankle. Her ankle injury made it difficult for her to be mobile and bear weight on the foot. Although the fracture wasn’t what brought her to Southern Regional, she received physical therapy to guide her on her journey to better health – improving her mobility as well as her breathing and other health conditions.

Our 4th Floor Team went above and beyond to ensure Ms. Sims was comfortable and cheered her successes along the way. She was so grateful for the kindness and constant compassion she received from our team that after she was discharged home, she sent the entire team a very sweet thank you – chocolate covered strawberries! The delectable treats were accompanied by a beautifully written thank you note to every staff member because, as Ms. Sims put it, “it took the whole village to care for me while she was at Southern Regional.

Although Ms. Sims wasn’t able to see the smiles on our team member’s faces, she was able to hear the joy in their voices when Nurse Manager, Cathy Evans, called to thank her!

That’s what we call a sweet experience!