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Nurse Sabrina Takes Care of Patients with Kindness,Nurse Sabrina Kornegay Exceptional Care, and a Whole Lot of Smiles

When Mr. Millirons was admitted to Southern Regional he was suffering from a number of health issues that were hampering his ability to enjoy life. His keen wit and jovial spirit kept him from getting down throughout the tests that needed to be performed to diagnose his condition, yet when it came to prepping for a colonoscopy he thought “yuck!” Then entered Sabrina Kornegay, RN, on our Telemetry Unit. He didn’t like having to take the prep for the colonoscopy, but nurse Sabrina poured him a cup full and encouraged every sip.

Mr. Millirons said that she reminded him that although the prep wasn’t fun to drink, it would help get the colonoscopy he needed to find out what was causing some GI bleeding. During one of her many visits with Mr. Millirons, Sabrina also had to change a line that accidentally pulled out – also not very fun. Smiles, kindness, and a bit of distraction went a long way in getting it done.

While Sabrina changed Mr. Millirons’ line, she talked to him about his dog – a chihuahua. “I’m sure your dog misses you, so let’s get you better so that you can get back home to him,” Nurse Sabrina explained. In just a few moments, his line was reestablished, and he was all smiles.

“She is the best nurse I’ve ever had and she’s so very kind,” Mr. Millirons exclaimed.

Through it all, Sabrina was very gentle and compassionate, and it was evident how appreciative Mr. Millirons was of her exceptional care.

It was her compassion; her kindness that got him to drink his prep and keep still to change his line and continue his care – and that’s the care that makes the difference.