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Nurse Jody = Compassion and Action

A triage nurse has to be skilled at multi-tasking and be organized, but most of all, they must be attentive and compassionate; and our Emergency Department Triage is de​manding and often beyond busy.

During a recent encounter, a young male (not quite a legal adult) was involved in a motor vehicle accident and arrived alone in our ED Triage. Jody Leonard, RN, the triage nurse on duty, was in the midst of juggling a handful of tasks, but noticed how busy registration was at the time of this patient’s check in. Ensuring quick care could begin, Jody stepped in to assist with obtaining parental consent for treatment. Calming the young man, she contacted his mother who was in route to the hospital, and along with the Charge Nurse, acquired the required verbal consent. Her action eased the concerns and angst for both the patient and his mother.

Compassion is the innate desire to alleviate another person’s suffering – that is exactly what Nurse Jody accomplished.