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Nurse Merriweather Takes Time to Alleviate Anxiety

When Andrea Blackston wasn’t feeling well and needed to seek emergency care, she choose Southern Regional’s Emergency Department.

She told the team that she was truly impressed with the care she received from the moment she arrived, and she could not say enough about her nurse Tony Merriweather – who she describes as the most patient, caring nurse she ever met. Ms. Blackston describes herself as being a “hard-stick” and said that Tony never gave up on getting an access line started for her. She worked with Tony and did everything he instructed her to do because she could see the compassion in his eyes – she saw his determination to care for her and she was more than willing to work as his partner to make it happen.

Ms. Blackston said that Tony was so gentle with her. He rubbed her arm to warm up and get the blood flowing where he would eventually find a good vein. She stated, “That was when I knew that this nurse cared about me. He didn’t become impatient or frustrated. He assured me that he would find a vein, and he did. And he found a vein without sticking me a bunch of times.”

Tony took the time to meet the specific needs of his patient, and because of this, her emergency room experience one of compassionate, safe care that alleviated any worries she had prior to arrival.