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Unwavering Compassion in the Face of COVID

When Mr. Smith (not actual name, patient did not wish to be identified) was admitted to Southern Regional’s dedicated COVID Unit, he feared his worst nightmare had come true – testing positive for COVID-19 and being sick enough to be admitted to the hospital. Mr. Smith shared that he had heard horror stories about COVID patients in the hospital and was terrified that he would be alone and isolated; or realize his biggest fear – the thought of dying alone from this virus. However, his experience was the very opposite of his fears. Mr. Smith shared with our COVID team that, not only did he not feel alone, he never felt as isolated as he thought he would feel. His nurses checked on him often and never made him feel as if they were afraid to take care of him. He stated that because of the kindness and compassion he was shown that, if even if the worst had happened, he felt he would not have died alone – the team would have been by his side. Mr. Smith said he is truly grateful he came to Southern Regional Medical Center and, although he never wants to come back, he would choose our hospital again because of the quality care and the unwavering compassion he was shown.