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Quality & Accreditation

Southern Regional is committed to providing our patients and community members with published statistical information about clinical processes at our hospital. We believe that well-informed patients will take a more active role in improving their health condition.

A leading trend in healthcare includes the effort to increase consumer knowledge about hospitals and healthcare organizations in order to aid consumers in making more well-informed healthcare decisions. Southern Regional supports this effort and is pleased to provide these reports noting Southern Regional's performance on a number of nationally recognized quality indicators and practices.

Included With This Quality Report

The following information may be found within the individual Indicator Reports contained within the Quality Report. This information is updated regularly as new data is available, usually within six months.

Quality indicators and safe practices currently included in this report are:

These statistics and descriptions do not begin to represent all there is to know about the quality of hospitals. You should not attempt to choose a hospital based solely on statistics and descriptions such as those in this report, as these are just a snapshot of current statistics. Current methods of assessing hospital quality are not mature enough to support such a use.

For additional information and resources, please visit U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and The Joint Commission.


A brief phrase is used within each report to identify the indicator of interest.

Our Rating

Hospital performance is evaluated in relationship to the performance of other hospitals nationally and regionally.

This site uses bar graphs to provide the comparative data. By placing your pointer on each bar in the graph, current ratings are displayed.

The bar graphs change as individual measures are selected in the selection box above the graph. At the top of each page, a brief comment is provided to assist with the interpretation of the data.

* = Instances where SRHS scored better than the State Average

National Average

Performance for the average hospital in the United States using the same data collection process.

State Average

Performance for the average hospital in the State of Georgia using the same data collection process.