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CAT Scan at Southern Regional

State-of-the-art Technology in a Caring Environment

Southern Regional has a full-service CAT Scan department that offers interventional procedures and routine exams.

CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography) scans are also known as CT (computed tomography) scans. These highly-specialized imaging tools consist of a computer combined with an X-ray to create cross-sectional images of bones, soft tissues and organs. The scan allows doctors to see the inner structure of your organs and provides a very detailed look inside your body.

CAT scans or CT scans may be used to diagnose muscle and bone disorders, check for heart disease, determine the location of a tumor, detect internal injuries or bleeding and perform many other important procedures. They are also used for calcium scoring, a procedure that checks for build-up of calcium inside coronary arteries. Calcium scoring can detect heart disease in the early stages.

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The department has three scanners, one of which is a 64-slice scanner. The 64-slice scanner, which offers very precise, 3D images, such as the heart seen on the right, is especially effective at detecting blockages in coronary arteries.

We perform about 18,000 procedures annually. The department schedules outpatient appointments seven days a week for added convenience.

For more information, please call us at 770-991-8184.