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Preparing for Your Surgery

At Southern Regional, we are committed to excellence in patient care and customer satisfaction. Our staff and physicians thank you for allowing us the opportunity to provide your care. As you prepare for your upcoming surgery, it is important to us that you review the materials in this packet to optimize your experience at Southern Regional.


In some cases, the hospital will call to schedule a pre-assessment visit. This visit includes signing in, registration and a physical examination. Tests such as EKG, chest x-ray, or blood tests your physician may have ordered will be performed at this time. Our Outpatient Surgery Registration is in Outpatient Registration in the front of the hospital (the middle doors). Check in with our Receptionist at the desk and she'll contact a member of our pre-assessment team who will bring you back for your testing. All of your pre-assessment information will be verified by our scheduler.


Please follow any instructions given to you during your pre-assessment visit and by your surgeon. A Southern Regional staff member will call you the day before to tell you what time you need to arrive at the hospital. If you have any questions before the day of your surgery, please call Surgical Services Department at 770-991-8495 between the hours of 6 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.


  1. Bring your insurance card(s) and photo ID.
  2. Bring your surgical folder with all paperwork with you the day of surgery.
  3. Bring money or credit card to cover your co-payment/deductible.
  4. Southern Regional’s Financial Counselors can be reached at 770-991-8600.
  5. Do NOT have anything to eat or drink from midnight before the day of your procedure, unless otherwise instructed.
  6. Make arrangements to have an adult drive you home.
  7. Shower or bathe the morning of surgery (note: use antibacterial soap if necessitated and ordered by your surgeon).
  8. Please do not use skin lotions, oil, or creams, and remove all make-up.
  9. Please remove nail polish.
  10. Arrive at the time you have been instructed to be at the hospital.
  11. Bring all paperwork from your doctor’s office.
  12. Leave all valuables at home (jewelry, excess money, etc.).
  13. Bring any walker or wheelchair you need on the day of surgery.
  1. If you are not the biological parent, bring legal documentation to show your guardianship.
  2. You must remain at the hospital with your child until they are discharged.
  3. For small children, bring their bottle, sippy cup, or pacifier, and a favorite toy, blanket or stuffed animal.


Our Outpatient Surgery Registration is in Outpatient Registration in the front of the hospital. Enter the hospital through the middle doors in the front of the hospital to register. This will be confirmed during your call with our scheduler the day before your surgery.