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CT Scan

Instructions & Information for Procedures / Tests

Please Note - What you see here is for information purposes only. While physicians have been consulted on this information, your specific condition may require additional instructions. ALWAYS consult with your physician to obtain specific information about the procedure or the instructions for your procedure.

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Procedure Name: CT Scan

Department Responsible for performing Procedure:

Department Contact Information:

Where to Report:
Please enter through the Outpatient Entrance and go to Registration. Plan to arrive 1.5 hours before your scheduled appointment. Even if you have recently been hospitalized, you must register. If your procedure requires sedation or is for a biopsy or drainage, please report 2 hours before your procedure. You will be directed to the Outpatient Procedure Unit.

What to Bring:
- Physician Order
- Any forms from your physician relating to this visit
- Your insurance / Medicaid / Medicare card
- Driver's License / Photo Identification
- List of current medications along with the dosages and times taken, including over-the-counter drugs and herbals
- A list of all of your allergies
- Please check with your insurance carrier for any authorization requirements.
- Any films or reports from relevant studies not performed at Southern Regional.

Patient Instructions:
- Do not eat for 4 hours before your scan. (You may have non-carbonated drinks and take your medication before the scan.)
- For patients having a biopsy or drainage procedure, or those that require sedation, do not eat or drink after midnight the night prior to your exam.
- If your procedure requires sedation, you will need someone to drive you home.
- For CT Scans, contrast may be given by mouth and/or injected.
- Let the technologist know if you have any allergies.
- Please read the Procedure Information for additional instructions and information.
- Please follow any other specific instructions given to you by your doctor

Procedure Information:
A CT Scan is a way of looking at the inside of your body that helps to accurately diagnose medical conditions. The scanner produces a narrow xray beam that examines body sections from many different angles. The scanner is a large circular ring with a doughnut-like opening. As the scanner rotates around your body, many pictures are taken and then projected onto a television screen. Contrast (dye) enables the radiologist to better visualize organs and structures that might not otherwise be seen. The contrast may be given by mouth, or injected into a vein. The scan should last about 30 minutes.

Additional Information:
If the scan ordered by your physician is an abdomen or pelvis, you will need to drink oral contrast. The contrast can be picked up in the Radiology Dept. up to 2 days prior to your scan. You will need to bring your physicians order with you when you pick up your contrast and to your appointment. You may send someone to pick up your oral contrast for you, however, they will need to bring your physician's order with them. It is important to know that it can be 30 minutes to 2 hours before we can start your scan depending on the amount of time your body needs for the contrast to move into the area to be scanned. Please keep this in mind when planning your day in order to be prepared for this possible delay. Waiting Room for family is located in the Radiology Department. You will be asked to sign a consent form prior to the procedure. You will be asked a series of questions regarding your medical history.

Please make child care arrangements prior to your appointment as children are not able to be present during the exam nor can they be left unattended in the waiting room.