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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Services

Southern Regional Offers Specialized Services for Your Baby

Southern Regional offers special services to assist parents and families with their NICU babies. Please ask your baby's nurse to contact these departments if needed. Below is a brief explanation of each service.

The Lactation Center

Our staff encourages breastfeeding. Breast milk is one of the most important things that only a mother can supply for her baby. It contains special nutrients that helps babies grow and become stronger.

Although your baby may not be ready to breastfeed initially, you can supply expressed breast milk that can be bottle-fed to your baby.

The Lactation Center is always available to assist in this process and new mothers should feel free to ask questions at any time. Mothers are encouraged to ask any and all questions about breastfeeding or to just seek moral support for their breastfeeding efforts. The center also rents and sells breast pumps and equipment.

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Case Management

The Case Management staff offers supportive services to families experiencing a medical crisis, such as caring for a preemie or infant in need of special care. Case managers may also refer parents to local community and state agencies, which provide help with special needs, including financial assistance.

If you ever have questions or difficulties coping with your baby's condition, please do not hesitate to contact a case manager. Your nurse can tell you how to get in touch with your case manager.

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Chaplain Services

Caring for a preemie or infant in need of intensive care can be a very difficult time for mothers and their families, which is why we provide chaplain services. The hospital chapel is open 24 hours a day for your use. There is also a small chapel in the Women's Life Center that patients and family members are welcome to use.

There is always a minister on duty at the hospital for added support and prayer. Please let your baby's nurse know if you would like to meet with a hospital minister.

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Respiratory Care Team

The Respiratory Care Team at Southern Regional Medical Center is involved in many aspects of our patients' care. Some responsibilities of the respiratory therapist include: patient assessment, oxygen and aerosol therapy, airway management, arterial blood gas analysis and ventilator management.

The respiratory therapists are also part of a resuscitation team that attends all C-sections and high-risk deliveries. As a part of the NICU team, the respiratory therapists take every opportunity to educate parents regarding their baby's care.

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Early Intervention Programs

"Babies Can't Wait" is a statewide program that offers special services for infants and toddlers at risk for developmental delays.

The program is available for newborns, and toddlers up to three-years-old, who have a diagnosed condition known to result in developmental delays, or those undiagnosed who are at risk of being significantly behind others their age. It is provided regardless of family income.

The Early Intervention Program staff develops an individualized plan of service for each baby. State funds may be available to assist in paying for specific services.

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The Resuscitation Team

This is a team that includes nurses, neonatologists, and respiratory therapists who are specially trained to respond to any high-risk deliveries.

These deliveries include extreme low birth weight babies, C-Sections, presence of meconium, and any other problem that may occur in delivery. This team also helps babies who may need close attention for the first two to four hours after birth.

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1st Contact Team

This team includes nurses and neonatologists who visit mothers-to-be when they are patients in the Ante-Partum Unit of the Women's Life Center.

They provide information and materials to educate mothers about possible premature delivery and give them an overview of their baby's hospital stay.

The referral for the 1st Contact Team comes from the mother's care provider.

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