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Caring for Yourself

Women's Care After Delivery at Southern Regional

Taking Care of Yourself When You Return Home

Even though you are busy nurturing your new baby, it's very important to take good care of yourself, too.

The demands of a new baby will often leave you feeling exhausted, but good hygiene, nutrition and rest habits are essential to your physical and emotional well being. It's normal to feel tired and a little overwhelmed when you're recovering and taking care of a new baby, so give yourself time to adjust to your new life.

Recovery Time

You may experience some pain as your body heals, especially if you had an episiotomy or a C-section. Talk to your doctor before leaving the hospital about how to manage your pain. If you have any questions or problems that persist, please be sure to discuss them with your healthcare provider.

Will I Ever Get Any Sleep?

Lack of sleep will likely be your main challenge during the first few months with your new baby. Most babies are not capable of sleeping through the night, so plan for some sleepless nights for you and baby.

Generally, babies will wake up every two to three hours because they are hungry. Some will drift immediately back off to sleep after feeding, and others will be more alert. We recommend that you plan your rest periods around baby's sleep and try to nap while they are sleeping.

When Is It Okay to Have Sexual Intercourse?

Sexual intercourse should not be resumed until four to six weeks following delivery or whenever your doctor says it's okay. Make sure that your partner understands, so there is no frustration or misunderstanding between you. This time is needed for your episiotomy or cesarean incision, as well as pelvic muscles, to heal properly.

You will most likely experience vaginal dryness, which can be resolved with a lubricant jelly or soluble cream. It will take time for sexual activity to feel comfortable again. Talk openly with your partner about how you feel and be sure and see your doctor if problems persist.