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Your Emergency Room Visit

Su Visita a la Sala de Emergencia

When it comes to an Emergency Department visit, there should be no surprises with your treatment. At Southern Regional Medical Center, we understand that an emergency situation is stressful and want you to know what to expect.

We have several areas in our ED that are used to treat different conditions, including the Main ED Unit where the most ill patients are treated, our Ambulatory Care Center for non-critical patients, and our Vertical Areas for patients who can be treated without the need for a bed. Using multiple areas allows us to provide the quickest care possible for most patients and is why someone who arrived after you may go back before you. Understand that we see everyone as quickly as possible; however, there are times when the ED is full, and patients have to wait as we treat the most critically-ill patients first.

The Emergency Department Process

  1. Check-in at the ED Front Desk with clinical staff
  2. You will be called to an assessment area where our triage nurse will evaluate your situation to determine the urgency of your condition.
  3. A nurse or tech will take your vital signs and weight.
  4. You will be moved to the appropriate assessment area where a nurse will gather additional details about your condition and your medical history.
    1. If needed, a medical provider or nurse could possibly order laboratory tests and/or X-rays for you.
  5. We keep you as comfortable as possible while you wait for treatment, but understand that we cannot provide pain medication while you are in the waiting area.
  6. Once you are called into the Treatment Area, our medical team works collaboratively to further assess your condition and determine appropriate care.
    1. They may order tests for insight into a diagnosis and the best course of treatment.
    2. If you require medications and intravenous fluids, you will receive them in the Treatment Area.
    3. NOTE: Results for some tests can take several hours, but we work with our Imaging and Laboratory teams closely to be notified when results are completed.

Discharge or Admission

Most patients treated in the ED are discharged to go home. Should you require ongoing hospital care, you will be admitted and, in some cases, transferred to another hospital by ambulance if specialized care is required. It is our responsibility to coordinate transferring a patient to another hospital, however, we do not, and cannot, coordinate or provide transportation to a patient’s home.

Visitor Guidelines

We understand that a visit to the ED can create anxiety for you and your loved ones. Although we welcome
visitors, we are currently not permitting any visitors due to COVID-19. However, the following Visitor Exceptions are permitted:

  • Patients under the age of 18 are to be accompanied by one parent/guardian.
  • Special needs patients are permitted a family or support person.
  • In life-threatening situations, the medical team may allow more than one visitor — this is handled on a case-by-case basis