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What to Bring

Planning for Surgery at Southern Regional Medical Center

Make sure to bring these items to the hospital on the day of your surgery.

  • Rubber-soled shoes with enclosed heel.
  • One outfit of loose fitting clothing, including underwear, socks and shoes.
  • Walker, crutches or cane. Do not go out and buy these items if you do not already have them. We will arrange for the equipment that is right for you.
  • A robe to wear in hospital hallways when you walk. Please do not bring a floor-length robe, as it may get tangled in your walker or crutches.
  • Personal grooming items, such as toothbrush, comb and other toiletries.
  • A list of all medication you are currently taking at home. Be sure to include the name and strength of the medicine, as well as how often you take the medication. Also list any over-the-counter medicines or herbal preparations you are taking.